Coolest Homemade Belle Birthday Cake Made with the Wilton Wonder Mold

After spending hours gazing at all the glorious Belle cakes here on Coolest Birthday Cakes, I decided to try my hand at making my own Belle Birthday Cake.

This was the second time I’ve used the Wilton Wonder Mold and I’ve learned to use 2 cake mixes to achieve the right size. (Note: This will take quite a while to bake and while brown a lot) After baking, cooling and crumb coating, I covered the Belle Birthday Cake in the lighter yellow icing which I then let crust over just a bit and rubbed to parchment paper to smooth out. Then, I darkened my icing and made the ribbons. Covering the doll pick’s body with icing was quite tedious and I think next time I will be using fondant for at least that part of the cake if not doll clothes.

All in all I think this cake was a success.