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Cool Homemade Piped Buttercream Belle Birthday Cake

I made two princess cakes for my daughter’s 2nd and 3rd birthday. The first was a Belle Birthday Cake. I don’t do anything fancy, I buy two boxes of box premade cake mix and bake two round cake pans of the mix. Using floss, I sculpted off the edge to create a dress shape for Belle.

For Ariel I created the fin by building it with a chunk of cake I cut out of a square cake pan. When I begin to decorate I use nothing but vanilla frosting. I mix the colors in small plastic sandwich bags and cut holes in the corners. Once I have all the colors I need I made small swirls to color every part of the cake. At the end of frosting I use colored sprinkles to add shine and Swedish fish candies for Ariel. I think they turn out beautiful and cost me less than $5 to make!


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