Easy Homemade Yellow Belle Birthday Cake for a Birthday Party

I made this Belle Birthday Cake for my niece’s 5th birthday. She is a big fan of Belle & I love making these type of cakes. The doll is inside a white cake baked in the Pampered Chef mixing bowl that I inserted the Wilton heating core into to help cook the cake all the way through (this also helped open the middle of the cake to insert the doll). The bottom is a 8″ round along with an 9×9 square yellow cake.

The frosting is Wilton recipe buttercream tinted yellow and red to match the bodice of the dolls dress. The Belle doll is a real ‘barbie’ that can be taken in the bathtub (wrapped in saran wrap to keep clean while in the cake). I then put the extra ‘characters’ that came with the doll on the cake. My niece loved this cake. She kept staring at it saying “it’s so pretty”. She was shocked when I took the doll out and she was able to play with it.