Coolest Homemade Belle Cake in a Yellow Dress

My daughter loves all of the Disney Princesses, but around her 4th birthday she really focused in on a Belle cake from Beauty and the Beast.

I baked 4 – 8 inch round cakes and stacked them up. I shaped the top layer with a knife to make it round. I cut a long sliver of cake out of the center so I could place the doll in the cake. (I used two really long knives to do this) I find this method gives more cake than if you use a doll pan to bake the cake.

I always wrap the doll in plastic wrap so she doesn’t get stained by icing. Then I just use a crumb coat for icing the cake and covered it with yellow icing using a rose tip.

I used fondant to cover her upper body. It was fun and my daughter LOVED it! Good luck to anyone who wants to make a doll cake of any kind. For the icing, I always use the Wilton recipe (found on their website) and I just use regular box cake!

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