This Belle cake was made using a Wilton sport ball pan, and a 6 inch layer pan for the skirt.

After baking and cooling I placed them in the freezer to make sculpting and icing easy later.

The top (doll portion) was made using fondant. You could also use modeling chocolate. I did the skin colored body, head, and arms first on a dowel rod, and allowed them to air dry for a day.

I then put together and iced the skirt portion with regular buttercream icing. I placed the hardened body on top (dowel goes down into the layers of cake center) and iced the top of the dress on her body.

I then added hair with additional fondant, and painted features with a fine paint brush and food colorings.

This whole cake was edible, except for the dowel rod down the center. This was my first try at making a face, could have been “prettier” but I was pretty pleased with the results anyway.