Coolest Belle Princess Cake

My daughter loves princesses, so her 3rd birthday we decided to make a Belle princess cake. After getting ideas from your website, we pulled it together and it turned out wonderful!

I baked 2 boxes of cake mix, 1 in a well sprayed 2 Qt. glass Pyrex bowl. It baked probably 1 1/2 hours at 325, it got a little brown on top, so I covered it with tinfoil, and after much testing with the knife it was finally done!. Let it cool for about 25 minutes, then flip it out of the bowl on wax paper and let cool on a cooling rack until completely cool. The flat part needed a little trimming, so I carefully used a bread knife and trimmed off the hardened parts on the flat side.

The other cake mix I divided between 2 round standard size pans. These also I flipped onto wax paper and let cool.

I made the frosting, just 2/3 C. butter, 4 cups Powdered sugar, 1 tsp vanilla and 2 tablespoons milk and mixed. I stacked the 2 round layers and frosted in between and then sized up the “bowl” layer. I lined up the 3 layers and trimmed where needed and frosted a smooth layer over everything.

I used a Belle doll that we got from Target, and (don’t tell my daughter) but ripped her legs off at the hips. I just cut a little hole in the top of the cake and set her in (after covering her bottom in plastic wrap) and secured her with frosting.

I wanted to use fondant, and it was a little difficult since I had never used it before. I added yellow food coloring, kneaded it in, then had to roll it out. I would use wax paper under so it peels off easier. I then tried to drape it over the frosted cake, and rolled up the edges and added a few details. It’s really fun. I hope you enjoy! It really didn’t take that long to decorate, maybe an hour total!