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Cute Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake

I made this Ben 10 Birthday Cake for my son’s 5th birthday as he loves “Ben 10”. The cake is chocolate. I found an icing image of the “Ben 10” characters and stuck it on top. I then piped lime green butter cream icing around the picture and placed home made chocolate letters on top of the cake.

The “Ben 10” signs were made on the computer and I printed them on to plain paper and cut them out and stuck on to half sized Popsicle sticks. The cake board was covered in “Ben 10” paper and I blue tacked some of my son’s “Ben 10” toys around the outside of the cake for decoration.

This was my third attempt in making a birthday cake and my son loved it.

6 thoughts on “Cute Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake”

  1. Dear Friend

    I’m looking for cake new model Ben 10 i hope you will send me because i need to prepare for my son birthday.


    Carmelita Cruz

  2. The picture og Ben10 & his monsters on the cake is paper ?? How you put in on the cake ? I;m looking for that picture but I dont know how to put in on the cake , it should be edible I think .


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