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Cool Homemade Ben 10 Watch Birthday Cake

My son loves Ben 10 so I made this Ben 10 Birthday Cake for his 6th Birthday. I saw a similar cake online and decided to try it myself, using my son’s Ben 10 watch for inspiration.

I used a sheet cake for the base and cut notches in the sides as in the base of the watch. I used a round cake for the top/dial.

I frosted both cakes with butter cream frosting. Then I covered them with “plastic” chocolate. Afterwards, I placed the round cake on top of the sheet cake and completed the decorations.

For the black icing, I made plastic chocolate using dark chocolate that I tinted black. The other colors were created using plastic chocolate made with white chocolate that I divided and tinted to the appropriate colors.

The plastic chocolate can be rolled and molded like clay. Like clay, you’ll have to knead it a bit to get it nice and pliable. Once the plastic chocolate sets it will harden leaving your cake with a yummy candy shell.

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