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Cool Homemade Carved Ben 10 Birthday Cake

My grandson wanted a Ben 10 cake for his fifth Birthday so I started my research; I found a picture on the internet, printed it out, enlarged it, traced it onto greased proof paper and cut around it.

I made 4″ x 8″ sq chocolate mud cakes, as I found their texture easier for cutting. Two cakes were used for the legs and feet, one for the body and another one for the head. I put the tracing on top and cut around to shape.

I covered the cake with butter icing so the pieces would stick together and this also helped the Royal icing to adhere more easily.

White Royal icing was used for the shirt and I tinted some of it green for the trousers and some flesh-colored for the arms, face and ears. Royal icing tinted brown was used for the hair and some, tinted black, for the shoes, details on the shirt and the watch.

I had quite a bit of cake left over so I combined the pieces and made a separate cake with his name on, and put candles on it. He took the small one home as his birthday was the next day. There wasn’t much left of the cake and everyone said how much they enjoyed it.

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