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Cool Homemade Ben 10 Cake with Plastic Figurines

I made a basic Madeira sponge in a rectangular pan (although any shape can be used). I iced it all over with buttercream with one half green and one half yellow. I found using the pastes was the best way to get the vibrant colours that are used in cartoons.

I put them on separately but blended them to make the so it was similar to colours used in the show. I used sugarpaste icing cut into rounds and coloured with food coloring and placed randomly around the cake. I used larger circles to hold the toys which I purchased as part of the birthday present for my son.

Any combination of toys can be used and it is easy to place the toys on the cake once the cake has been put in it’s place.

I combined the icings to get a yellowy green which I piped around the edges, top and bottom.

Best part was he got to keep the toys!

6 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Ben 10 Cake with Plastic Figurines”

  1. This cake is great, i also live in Brisbane do you make these cakes and sell them? I would be interested in getting one for my son’s birthday in July. We could supply the toys if that’s easier as well



  2. hi! such a fantastic cake!… the green color is very real, how did u do it? can u give me a recipe for a 14x14x3 Madeira sponge? I’m from the Philippines and my son loves ur design for his birthday..

  3. First of its kind LIFETIME Championship ….it’s becoming a Craze for Bagels & Brownies lovers….just compete to add your name on our Wall of Fame.


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