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Cool Homemade Ben10 Birthday Cake Design

This Ben10 Birthday Cake Design was the first time I had used royal icing/marzipan and I think I did OK. I really enjoyed the creativity but it was my first time and hard!

The cake is a mud cake from the internet – search white chocolate mudcake and should be the first that comes up. I did 1 of white choco and normal coco for each layer (so 4 in total).

I would use white royal icing again next time as it keeps the colours true. I used Wilton gel colours and find the colours very clear. I did the top first and premade the additions a week before so they were dry. The bottom marble colours are small balls of yellow and green rolled out then kneaded together to create the marble effect.

He loves it, I love it but have a lot to learn.

Next time I would cut the cakes to be even so easier to cover and I need far more marzipan!

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