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Awesome Homemade Betty Boop Birthday Cake

This Betty Boop Birthday Cake was for my granddaughter’s 10th birthday as she loves Betty Boop. The cakes are chocolate sponge layered with chocolate buttercream. I coat the cakes with a good layer of buttercream all over before covering with the sugarpaste which I roll out to 5mm using guides.

I purchased the Betty Boop figurine which was my inspiration for the rest of the cake. I used a bright red to colour the lower level sugarpaste, this takes some time colouring 1 kilo of paste. I used silicone heart molds for the hearts using black coloured paste which was some of the paste left over from covering the top cake. I then cut out stars painted them gold and placed a red rose again made using silicone rose molds from left over paste from covering the bottom tier.

Topped off with the figurine and then added bubbles to look like they have spilt over the side of the glass and ribbon placed around the base of each cake. The cakes were a 10 inch base and 6 inch top tier.

I make cakes for friends and family as a hobby. I usually bake the cakes one evening and then ice and decorate the next.

1 thought on “Awesome Homemade Betty Boop Birthday Cake”

  1. That cake looks great and using a professional figurine really make it look good.

    Well done and this has given me some other thoughts on my designs. i usually try and make my figuirnes and comical ones are OK but cant do real people or recognizable people.


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