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Cool Homemade Betty Boop Cake Idea

I made this Betty Boop Cake for a family friend’s birthday. She loved it so much that she cried.

I baked a standard yellow cake from a store bought mix, in a 13×9 pan. I cut a heart out of construction paper and placed it over the top of them cake side-ways. Cut the heart out of the cake using the paper as a guide. I then used an edible ink marker to outline the hair curls and out lined it in black icing. I started with the hair first but soon realized I shouldn’t have because the icing started to run and mix with the pink skin and red heart but it was a easy fix and no one noticed it anyways.

I used store bought whipped icing dyed the appropriate colors, starting with the hair like I said and then the face. I saved the heart for last, applying the icing with different tips depending on the area needing to be iced. Then spread the icing around with an icing knife. Also used toothpicks in the tighter areas. The only thing that I was disappointed over was the lips didn’t turn out the way I wanted them.

I used a picture I found on the web as a point of reference and the neck line and the lips ran together in the pic so that is what I did on the cake but it looked funny. But everyone at the birthday party said it looked great and I have 2 more cakes to do for other parties because of it.

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