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Coolest Bible Cake

A friend of mine asked me to make a cake for a first communion. I wanted to have a rosary in it so I decided to make an open bible cake with a rosary laying across it.

I baked two half sheet cakes and a small round cake. The cake was chocolate from scratch. The filling was Bavarian cream and the fondant was marshmallow fondant.

I layered the two half sheets and started to carve it to resemble an open book. Once that was done the cake was covered with a buttercream crumb topping. The cake was then covered with the white fondant. Along the sides of the cake indentions were made to look like pages on the bible. Long strips of yellow fondant were cut and layed along the edge of the cake. These strips were then folded in half and tucked in to look like the binding on the bible.

For the rosary the cross was cut out of cake and then covered with fondant. Bakers twine was used for the rosary and small flowers were cut out of fondant and then wrapped around the twine. Once the rosary beads were done the twine end was put into the cross.

The flowers were cut out of the fondant and put onto the cake. The cross was dusted with pearl dust. The cake was beautiful.

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  1. i was wondering, did you have a filling of some kind in between the cake layers? And the buttercream crumb topping, was it a pretty stiff buttercream? or a softer one. Would you share the recipe for the chocolate cake? I need to make a cake for my little cousins communion, and haven’t worked with rolled fondant in years, and now I’m in a pinch!


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