Coolest Big Bird And Elmo Birthday Cake

My youngest daughter is in love with Big Bird and Elmo. For her first birthday, I used some of the info on this site to construct this Big Bird and Elmo cake.

I used a box cake for the bottom rectangle, then rented the Wilton Sport’s Ball pan to bake a round cake, using the two halves as the characters’ heads. Half a sugar cone was used for Big Bird’s beak, and I embedded a plastic easter egg in Elmo’s head for his nose. The bottom half of four other easter eggs were the eyeballs for both and mini Oreos were the centers of the eyes.

A leaf tip works great for feathers, and a double tip, normally used for writing, worked well for Elmo’s fur.

My daughter loved it, and so did her guests! Thanks to all on this site for the fabulous idea.

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