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Coolest Big City Cake

I made this Big City Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday party. I got the idea from a skyscraper cake on the coolest birthday cakes website, then added some twists. The bottom cake is a 12 inch round cake. The city is made of a tower of four 6 inch round cakes. I frosted the bottom cake with gray icing to resemble a road and the tower with blue icing to resemble the sky. The road was outlined with single strands of red licorice and the yellow lines in the roads are yellow starbursts pieces. It would probably be easier for most people to pipe on yellow frosting, but I am awful at this so I warm up the starburst and then rolled them out into tiny “snakes” and cut them.

The cars are micro dye-cast cars that I got at Target (in the party section) and the buildings are actually those foam bathtub toys that stick to the tiles. For the clouds, I made meringue cookies. When baking them in the oven, I made sure to not let them dry out completely so that they were hard on the outside but still somewhat sticky in the middle. This made it easier to stick the lollipop sticks into them. If your meringue is too dry, you can put frosting on the end of the stick to help keep them in place. They are very brittle, so make sure to make extra as some will break.

I used extra long sticks to help anchor them into the cake without toppling. The sun is made of orange starbursts. Again, I heated them up and molded them into the desired shape. I put the birthday candles in as I molded the shape. It was a big success with my son and all the guests big and small!

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  1. I’m planning a big city party for my son’s 3rd birthday in a few months. This cake matches my theme idea perfectly. Would you mind sharing what other elements you used in your party and where you got them?


  2. Thanks. We went to legoland for his b-day so this party was really low key and basically just a few family friends over for cake. I thought about using some big cardboard boxes and cutting out doorways, etc. and painting for them to play in but never got around to it. If you have a big cement driveway, it might be fun to draw some roads that they can drive trikes or push around big tonka trunks. My boy also loved stacking blocks at that age, so you could have them make buildings/cities themselves. Hope this helps.


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