My niece asked me to make a cake with a woman sitting on a green chair as a cake topper. She must be playing Bingo on a laptop.
I started by making the chair with the woman on it and then made the laptop and when it had hardened I attached it to the woman’s lap using royal icing. I made this a week before to make sure it had all hardened.
I baked a 7″ square 3 layer cake, and when cold I filled with butter cream and jam. I then covered with butter cream and chilled in the freezer, meanwhile I rolled out the icing ready to cover the cake. I covered the cake and then set aside for a few hours before decorating.
A few hours passed, it’s now time to attach the cake topper using some royal icing. I can see then where to attach the rest of the decoration. I now attached the red ribbon around the bottom of the cake and made a bow and attached this onto the ribbon. I colored some icing in yellow, red, bright blue, purple and green and cut out large circles for the Bingo balls.
I then colored a small amount of black to cut out the numbers and attached these numbers to the bingo balls. Finally I cut out the wording for the cake in some left over red roll out icing. The cake was now finished. My niece loved it.