Coolest Birthday Cake

This Birthday Cake is the cake I made for my daughter’s 9th birthday last year. It was the first time I’ve ever done anything remotely like this. I’ve take a couple cake decorating classes at the local craft store, but hadn’t learned anything yet about working with fondant, so I read a lot online and on this site from others.

I began the process about 5 days ahead with making the fondant circles, stripes, balls for the borders and loops for the bow. They had plenty of time to dry and set up. Two days before the party I baked the cakes- 2 layers of each tier. The night before the party it was do or die! I leveled, iced (with buttercream frosting) and put fondant over each tier. I had my husband cut the dowel rods to put in the bottom and middle tier to hold it all up. Then I stacked the middle and top on (with cake circle supporting each tier). After that it was getting all the circles, stripes, bow, and the balls for the border. I used water and buttercream icing to help make it all stick.

It was very time consuming and took me approx. 5-6 hours total to get it all iced and assembled. Put it in the fridge overnight to set. We had her party at an indoor bounce place, but the cake was definitely the highlight of the party. I was happy it turned out so pretty for my first time attempting a tiered fondant cake.