This birthday cake was a lot of fun to make. First I made the dog, bones, balls, and paw prints out of fondant.  Next I used box cake mixes and made a three tier cake that I covered in butter cream frosting.  Once the frosting was dry I smoothed it out and covered each layer with home made fondant. I prefer to make my own, that way I know what exactly is in it and I think it tastes better.

Once the layers were covered and the tiers were in place then came the fun part. I put all the prints, bones, and balls on using piping gel. I then decided to make a sign that read “Best of Breed” since the lady receiving the cake was preparing for a dog show and was hoping to take first in this category.  This cake was a big hit at her party and she was really happy with it.  Since then I’ve gotten quite a few calls for cake request.

I love making cakes. I have an idea in my head and it is so much fun to see the finished product.