Cool Homemade Birthday Present Cake

I baked this Birthday Present Cake for my sister in law, she is a huge fan of pink!

I baked up 3 square sponge cakes. I then cut 2 of the cakes into smaller squares so that I could “pile them”. I split the cakes and filled them all with strawberry jam and butter icing. mmmmm.

I covered all 3 sponge cakes in butter icing so that the ready roll would stick.

I then rolled out my ready roll icing. And literally how you might wrap a parcel, I wrapped up the sponge cake securing with butter icing.

Once I had wrapped all 3 parcels, I set about decorating them. Using cookie cutters I cut out the different shapes and then stuck them to the parcels using butter icing.

Then I rolled out the white icing and fashioned this into a bow. This was much easier than I thought it would be.

To ice all 3 cakes took me just 2 hours. But then I’m fairly new to cake making so perhaps it wouldn’t take you as long. Really really pretty cake.