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Coolest Birthday/Engagement Cake

A few days ago, a woman asked me to make an engagement cake for her daughter because she was going to get engaged to her boyfriend and to celebrate, they were going to throw a big party. The day of the party was also  going to be her daughter’s lucky birthday so it was indeed a double celebration.

She told me that the colour scheme was black, white and silver. I wanted to create something a bit formal and elegant for the engagement but at the same time I wanted to add a little fun to it, since it was also a birthday cake for a very young lady.

So, I made a two tiered cake and covered both tiers in white fondant. On the side of the bottom cake I did an insert with some black fondant in the shape of an upside down V. Then I did some draped swags all around the insert and wherever the swags met. I also placed some white ribbon roses made out of white fondant. On the black fondant I placed a lot of small silver coloured fondant heart shapes.

I made a black fondant ribbon all around the upper cake and on the front I did the date of the engagement with black fondant.  On the top of the cake I made 2 big hearts standing on their sides. On the white heart I wrote the boyfriend’s name with black icing and on the black heart I wrote the girlfriend’s name with white icing. Then I made a lot of small white and black fondant balls and placed them underneath and all around the hearts together with an engagement message.

Last but not least, I made a cute doll out of fondant which represented the birthday girl and put it sitting down onto the cake together with a birthday message on the cake board.

It was a bit of a headache to combine an engagement cake with a birthday cake, but I think that I managed to create something nice and fun at the same time.