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Coolest Blast Off in a Rocket Cake

I used one package of cake mix to make one loaf cake and one cupcake. After baking and cooling, I froze them both for easy handling and cutting. I sliced off the top two corners of the loaf cake, and rotated them to make the rocket fins.

The cupcake became the rocket booster. I used homemade cream cheese frosting, which was smoother, healthier, tastier, and easier to spread than the store bought ones: beat 2 packages of 8oz cream cheese and ½ cup butter (I use Smart Balance with omega-3, no trans fat, no hydrogenated oil), add 1tsp vanilla, and gradually add 3 cups of powdered sugar. For the round porthole, I melted milk chocolate, dripped a spoonful onto parchment paper, and then after it cooled, transferred it to the cake.

For the name, I used the same melted chocolate and put it into a cake-decorating gun to write the letters again on parchment paper. I do this instead of writing directly on the cake because I’m afraid I will mess up or run out of room. My way, allows me to take the best letters and transfer them onto the cake with ease.

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