Coolest Blue Angels F18 Birthday Cake

My son has always been fascinated with fighter jets. A few years ago, the Blue Angels were featured at our air show, and he has been requesting a “Blue Angels” birthday cake ever since. After being a fighter pilot for Halloween this past year, I figured I would attempt the cake for his 7th birthday. I’ve done many other “shape cakes,” but this would be the first time working with fondant.

I started with a rectangular sheet cake, just a box mix. After it cooled completely, I cut it lengthwise, about a 40/60 split. The larger half I used for the body of the plane. I trimmed down the nose and rounded off the front and back of the body. I used the remaining cake to make the wings and tail. It is really important to freeze the cake at this point. I covered the whole thing with my homemade buttercream as a crumb coat, and then froze the cake again.

When I was ready to start the fondant, I put a nice think layer of buttercream all over the cake (mostly for flavor, but also so the fondant would stick). I then rolled out the fondant, and draped it over the cake, smoothing down with my fingers. Trim off the extra and set aside (covered with plastic wrap so it doesn’t dry out). I sprayed the cake with blue food color spray and let dry a bit. then I sprayed the scraps with yellow food color spray and let dry a bit. Using a pairing knife, I cut the trim work out of the yellow fondant scraps, and placed onto the cake. I piped buttercream (tinted yellow) for the wording. LEGOS came in handy for the pilot and window. I had looked at several pictures online of the Blue Angels planes, and the details are minimal, which is nice.

The tail fins were a challenge. I had planned to use krisipe treats, cut thinly and covered with fondant. Unfortunately, all the krispie treats were eaten! So I settled for thick cardboard (probably worked out better anyway). I stuck a few toothpicks in the cardboard, and then stuck them in the cake. Red gumdrops attached to the back for the “jets”.

The cake was a huge hit. The only thing I would change would be the color of the blue. I wanted it to be the darker navy color, but they don’t sell that in the spray.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Blue Angels F18 Birthday Cake”

  1. What size cake pan did you use? I am very interested in making this for my nephew’s 3rd birthday part in October! Kudos to you very impressive!

  2. I don’t like fondant. It seems so artificial to eat. You have to tear the cake up to eat it. I do love what you did on this cake. Good job!!!Making the kids happy is the most imp. part and they do care about presentation.


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