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Cool Homemade Blues Clues Cake Design

This Blues Clues Cake Design was for my son’s 2nd birthday. After a long search for a Blues Clues cake pan I finally decided that I would have to wing it. I found a web site for coloring pages and started printing, took them home and he picked his favorite out. The hardest part was getting the picture resized on the copy machine so that I would fit on the cake.

After getting the right size I just cut it out layed it on top of the cake which had just a thin layer of almond frosting on it and traced around the picture. For the body of Blue I used a small star tip and filled in the outlines which I had already traced out with a small round piping tip. Filling in the outline first makes it easier as it holds in the rest of your frosting and can help hid any mishaps.

For her spots I used the small round piping tip and filled it in then used a butter knife with a little water on it to smooth it out. As you can see I had a few cake crumbs come trough my icing. I’m learning how to avoid that but was in a hurry on this one. All and all it was simple and easy and he loved it.

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