Coolest Boat Cake

I made this boat cake for my husband’s birthday. He really enjoys boating and I enjoy laying around in the sun, plus I wanted to make something unique looking.

This cake design requires normal cake pans( 9×13& small square or round pan) and one small Pyrex bowl. You will need 2 cake mixes , 1 for the 9 x13 pan- 1 layer, and 1 mix for the round/square pan, plus fill a Pyrex bowl about 1/3 full( this gives you more than you need but you can trim some off later, this is the mound for the island).

One box of graham crackers smashed for the sand on island, use as much as you desire. The decorations are from hobby stores( these are all buttons, liquor store(drink umbrella), plastic palm tree & beach chair from online cake decorating store).

I make all the frosting myself from Wilton cake book recipe & tint a variety of colors ( waves are darker than water etc.) The windshield on boat is aluminum foil cut to size for boat and smoothed out with round back of spoon before placing on cake, outlined with orange gel icing in a tube. The flag is made from paper colored with markers and glued onto a toothpick.

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  1. You out did yourself with this cake! It came out beautiful! Very creative! And you know what I love the most>? Is that its from REAL frosting. not fondant! Beautiful job!

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