Creative Homemade Boat Cake

My daddy turns 74 last month. I wanted to give him a surprise birthday day, not just a plain ordinary cake, I wanted to make one cute and wonderful cake for him.

Then, I got this idea for a boat cake: a wide cake with sailboat on it. My daddy used to be a sailor, so he likes everything with boat shape- and I would like to add two sugar figurine / doll that represent my daddy and my little boy-those two are like soul mates.

I never made a sugar doll before, but I was determined to make one. So, by looking at figurine on the internet, I made the figurine, not bad at all, oh and as a special request from my little boy, the figurine are holding hands!

The figurine is made of fondant, the cake is a plain chocolate covered with buttercream. The sailboat is made of styrofoam. To make it look nicer, I added a bridge with a small lake underneath, completed with ducks ( my favorite )

Dad is so stunned when he looked at his birthday cake, it really surprised him and he is so delighted!