Cute Homemade Bob the Builder Cake Using the Wilton ‘Little Hero’ Pan

I didn’t have, and hadn’t even seen the Bob the Builder cake pan, but I found the Wilton “Little Hero” (firefighter)pan. I saw that it could be used to make multiple “Heroes” and I thought it would also make a great Bob the Builder cake.

The “fire hose” became Bob’s wrench. I used one store-bought cake mix. I coated it with store bought cream-cheese icing and then used the box of Wilton decorator icing mix to make icing that was perfect for all of the decorating. On skin tone, I learned that it truly takes only a tiny bit of copper, because Bob’s skin came out a little too orangey, but my 2 year old loved it and still talks about it.

It was my first real cake decorating experience and I was very pleased.