Awesome Homemade Carved Bob the Builder Cake

I made this Bob the Builder cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. First I printed off a picture from the internet and then had it enlarged to fit inside my large roasting tin. I used a normal sponge recipe and put this into the roasting tin.

Once the cake was cooked and cooled I then put the picture of Bob on the cake and cut round him.

I then traced the different pieces i.e his hat, trousers etc onto another piece of paper to use these as templates and cut out the fondant icing. I allow enough icing to cover the sides of the cake aswell.

I used any type of jam and spread this onto the cake so that the icing sticks onto it. I used some already coloured icing-yellow and red, but for Bob’s skin I used white icing and then dipped a little bit of red colouring onto it. It does take quite a lot of kneading. I also did this to make the brown by mixing food colouring together. It does take a bit of trial and error but you get there in the end!!

For his top I covered it in yellow and then cut red squares to form the checks. To finish I just use a icing pen to outline him.