For my son’s 3rd birthday, we decided on a Bob the Builder theme. I had all the decorations and wanted to have the cake be something special that would be the showpiece of the table. I borrowed the Wilton half-sheet pan from a friend and bought the Bob pan on the internet. My son helped mix the batter and we baked the base and Bob the day before. I let them both cool, iced the base and assembled the day before decorating.

Using Wilton color gels and regular white frosting, I mixed the colors and decorated Bob. The base was decorated to be a road under construction using my son’s Muck and Roley for accents. We finished off the cake design with Scoop lifting the #3 candle into place.

To give the kids something else fun to eat, my mom made some Oreo Dirt Pudding with worms and served it in the back of a dump truck to compliment the cake. This Bob the Builder Under Construction Cake was a huge hit!