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Coolest Boise State Football Cake

This Boise State Football Cake was a cake for my 15 year old grandson. His dream is to play football at Boise State. The bottom is a 11 x 15 sheet cake. The cake is a scratch white classic cake that I got from all recipes. I frosted it with colored buttercreme frosting. The top is made from a Norticware stadium pan.

I carved it to look like Big Blue. The rest is all piped on with using #4 straight, #6 star, Basketweave, and grass tips. The logo in the middle of the field is a key fob I bought at the Boise Book Store. I hope that you like viewing this cake as much as I enjoyed making it. My grandson flipped when he saw this cake. I mean he actually did a back flip. It was the coolest!


2 thoughts on “Coolest Boise State Football Cake”

  1. What a great cake! I am from Boise and went to BSU. In our house we follow two teams and one is still BSU. I love this cake and will have to show my mom, who doesn’t do computers but is always around when I do my cakes. She will appreciate this as well!

  2. I am glad that you liked it. I am really new to cake decorating but I really like to do it. I had a blast making this and I will be posting more. Again thank you very much.


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