Coolest Bolt Cake

I made three Brown Sugar pound cakes in cookie sheets. Then froze them for about 3 hours (after they had completely cooled at room temperature). Then I iced them together and got a Bolt picture from the internet and enlarged it and cut it out. I put the Bolt picture on top of the cakes and cut around it.

The cookie sheet was a little bit too small so I had to cut the ear out from one of the scraps and ice it on. I then put a scratch coat of icing on and froze the cake for 12 hrs. I placed it on a upside down cookie sheet that I had baked it in. But it was too big to fit on the inverted cookie pan so I used my daughter’s Barbie doll bath tub to hold the ear up. That’s the part of pink you can see beside the ear.

I then iced the Bolt cake according to the picture from the internet. I used my own butter cream icing recipe and it took 5 batches for me to have enough icing. It was surprisingly easy and fun. It did take a lot of time though but my daughter who was turning 3 loved it.

12 thoughts on “Coolest Bolt Cake”

  1. That is awesome. You did a wonderful job! I’m doing a bolt cake for my son for his part in less then 2 weeks. His whole theme is Bolt. Hes turning two and LOVES the movie. Great job again. Very creative!

  2. Thanks for this idea. Just the inspiration I needed. I’m planning on using a lighter cake (like funfetti), but your idea of freezing should work nicely for this way as well.

  3. Great job. I couldn’t find a bolt cake pan
    anywhere. I had already found the bolt coloring page. Good idea to enlarge it. I am going to
    make a base cake so that I will have enough
    to feed everyone. Wish me luck! I will post it when I am done. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I absolutely love your bolt cake. I’m going to try this for my daughters 5th birthday in three days! Thanks so much for your wonderful idea!


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