Coolest Boots the Monkey Birthday Cake 3

My daughter loves Boots the monkey from the Dora the Explorer show. And for her 2nd birthday she wanted a Boots the Monkey Birthday Cake. So I went on line and could not find a Boots cake pan. Then I came across a monkey cake pan and got the idea to switch the colors and make it Boots. I make this cake twice in a week for her two parties (big family). They cake turned out great one was devil’s food and the other yellow.

The frosting was a buttercream frosting. I used sky blue, lemon yellow, red, black and pink to tint the icing. I used the #19, #18, and #4 decorating tips on the cake. The cake was frosted first in white icing. I made cookies for the hat and balloons. The process went quick and I found it easy to follow the pattern on the cake.

My daughter loved it!

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