Coolest Boots the Monkey Cake

I made this Boots the Monkey cake for Jack who was turning 3. I made a 14″ madera slab cake. I photocopied a colouring picture of Boots and enlarged his head 250%.

I measured him up on the slab cake to make sure he fitted than traced the face onto baking paper, each different part of the cake which was a different colour I also traced to section off when icing.

I cooked my cake two days ahead of time, wrapped in glad wrap and froze the cake, as cutting into shape is easier with a frozen cake as it doesn’t crumble as much hence no crumbs in your icing!

I pinned the baking paper pattern onto the slab cake with skewers and proceeded to cut around the pattern with a sharp knife (left over cake I made into lamingtons).

I made a large mix of butter icing (8 cups of icing sugar, vanilla essence, 1/2 cup of milk, 200g butter – mix well) and tinted my icing in ink, mauve and black. I added red sprinkles to his tongue and used black icing and piped the outline of Boots.

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