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Coolest Border Terrier Dog Cake

My brother requested a dog cake for his mother-in-laws 60th birthday, she recently got 2 border terrier pups and he thought it would be a nice idea. So he gave me a photo and I copied it and made this Border Terrier Dog Cake.

I made 6 spongecakes and layered with strawberry jam. Then I put them in the freezer overnight. The next day it was time to carve out the body and hind legs. Then I put a crumb coat on, and then a layer of apricot jam. rolled out white royal icing and covered the body. I then used the tip handle of my fork (quite thick and rounded)and started to make lines as if it was fur.

Then for the front legs and head I made up a batch of crispy cakes (packet of marshmallows melted in the micro until fluffy and poured in some ricecrispies). I let this sit for a minute and then I shaped them into a ball for the head and 2 strips for legs.Once I got the required shape I covered in Royal icing and started again with the fork to make the effect of fur.

The head wouldn’t stay on at first, So I got a chopstick and stuck it in the head and down into the body then covered the join in black icing to look like a collar.

I then got out my paintbrush & food paint and used a watery dark brown for the majority of the body and then a thicker dark brown for detail on the face. Black nose and eyes

It turned out so much better than I could have imagined and was the spit of her pup Freddie which was an extra bonus.

It was a definite Bow Wow! For sure.

7 thoughts on “Coolest Border Terrier Dog Cake”

  1. Just WOW WOW WOW Maddie !! Unbelievable, Fantastic Job. I would love to be able to do that Congratulations!

  2. Just wanted to say that your dog was absolutely fantastic. I’m thinking about making a westie for my mums birthday this year. Hopefully it will be as good as yours.

  3. Been searching on the internet for days to find any tips on how to make the head of a dog cake and here it is. Thank-you. Sucha lovely cake :-)

  4. Me and my sister tried to do this for our great Dane but ran out of sponge!!! We are going for life size but would be grateful if anyone could tell us how much sponge we would need for a 6ft cake??

  5. Your cake is the spitting image of our border terrier, it’s even got the same marble like eyes the taxidermist put in. My sister is over the moon as she doesn’t know the dog died yet.


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