Coolest Bow Tie Shirt Cake

This bow tie shirt cake can be altered to any side depending on how big you need it. First you need to bake a rectangle cake, and let it cool completely. Then ice it with the icing of your choice and cover the cake completely with fondant and smooth it out. The pocket and sleeve were made by simply cutting a rectangle out of the fondant and trimming into shape, attach with a little water to base shirt.

The next step is to cut a long rectangle strip and attach with water to the center of the base shirt. The collar is a long rectangle strip attached on its side and as you get to the ends lay them flat against the base shirt. The bow tie is two loops made from fondant and a rectangle strip wrapped around the center. Then attached with water. The buttons are just circle fondant cut outs then I used a fork to poke holes in them. I also used a thin strip of fondant around the bottom of the cake for a border.

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