Coolest Bowl of Chicken Fried Rice Cake

My daughter wanted a Japanese themed cake and we came up with a Bowl of Chicken Fried Rice Cake!

For the cake, I baked the cake in a Pyrex bowl and froze it for one day. The day after I baked it, I took it out and let it sit at room temp until the next morning! Frosted it with a light layer of white frosting to cover any holes. After this, we covered the bottom of the bowl with white fondant for a bowl. We left a little bit at the top for an edge of a bowl.

To the top of the bowl, we added colored fondant cut carrots, eggs, and chicken. Green sixlets are the peas, and last but not least, we sprinkled toasted coconut on the top for the rice!

This cake turned out better than we could have imagined!

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