Cool Homemade Bowling Birthday Cakes for my Son’s Birthday

I made this bowling birthday cake for my son’s 7th birthday party. This was our first cake that we made.

I used (2) 2 layer 9×13 cakes and a sports ball pan. My husband carved the bowling pins from a 9×13 cake. We covered all the cakes in fondant. I made all the extra pieces the day before with fondant and let then dry. I made 50 mini bowling balls, 20 mini bowling pins. I cut out rounds for the balloons and used food color markers to make the strings and the balloons.

We used my son’s hands for the hole spacing on the bowling ball cake. We covered the bowling ball with the blue fondant and cut a small hole in it where the fingers go and put a small piece of fondant in the hole to fill it in. I covered a scrape piece of wood with wood grain contact paper to make it look like a bowling lane.

Once we got to the party I put all the extra pieces on it. Everyone loved the cake. It was a lot of work but worth it for the outcome.