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Coolest Bowling Birthday Cake

I made a Duncan Hines marble cake in a 13×9 cake pan, let it cool, then leveled off the top and cut in half to fill with fudge icing and restack (I just used store bought fudge icing for the filling). I then frosted the entire Bowling Birthday Cake with homemade chocolate buttery butter cream frosting (Totally to die for! : 1 cup solid white vegetable shortening, ½ tsp Wilton Clear Vanilla, ½ tsp Wilton Butter flavor, 4 TBSP milk, 1 lb powdered sugar –sifted, ¾ c. cocoa.YUM!)

Next, I looked through Microsoft Word for a clip art picture of bowling that I thought would be fun to create on a cake and printed it onto computer paper. Using clear piping gel and a #3 writing tip I traced the outlines of the picture onto parchment paper and then flipped the tracing onto my frosted cake. It’s really important to then “trace” the piping gel onto the cake with your finger before removing the parchment paper. After carefully removing the parchment paper I went to work with all my different colors of frosting (I only use Wilton’s coloring gels because they don’t thin down frosting like store bought liquid food coloring does – plus, they give a better, true color). I used a #3 writing tip to outline each area one by one and then used a #16 star tip to fill in the rest.

For the “Happy Birthday” I also used a #3 writing tip with black frosting and then re-traced around the letters with gray. On the bottom border of the cake I used a #21 star tip and made a shell border. All the tools used can be found in Wilton’s Course 1 Decorating Book.

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  1. where did u find the picture of the bowling ball and pins i cant find it on clipart and if you don’t mind if you find it somewhere else cant you send me the link or name of the picture thanks


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