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Coolest Homemade Bowling Alley Cake

My 13 year old daughter and 8 year old son each had a party at the Bowling alley. It was on the same day so I made them each their own cake that they designed so that they wouldn’t feel gipped.

This one my son was VERY specific that he just wanted the lane only. I took a 9X13 chocolate cake made with sour cream to keep it moist and firm, cut it in half lengthwise and layered it with chocolate ganache in the middle. I then covered the entire thing with a still warm Chocolate fudge frosting to make it easier to do the crumb coat.

I used a strip of marshmallow fondant for the lane, and painted on the lines, arrows and wood grain using food coloring gel mixed with a couple drops of gin to make it dry quickly and not bleed. ALthough I had tried to shape pins out of fondant, after 3 that did not come close to matching, I used a mini bowling game that I got at Walmart in their 88 cent isle. He thought I was fantastic ALL day, but really was quick and so simple.

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