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Coolest Bowling Cake

Our daughter decided she wanted to take her friends bowling for her 8th birthday. Then she really, really, really wanted a bowling cake! We have done special cakes for our kids since their first birthdays. How hard could a bowling cake be? Turns out it was not that hard. It was our first try at using fondant and THAT was totally fun. She helped with every aspect of decorating and the cake was a huge success.

We couldn’t take a chance on the cake part of the cake going wrong, so we actually purchased a quarter sheet cake from the grocery store and had them fill the center but NOT frost it.

Tools: Fondant purchased from the bake store. Food coloring. Food coloring pens. Gel food coloring. Exacto knife.

Frosting. Before we put the buttercream frosting on the cake, we made all of the fondant pieces. They included: The lane, rolled out fondant painted with brown food coloring. The ball return we rolled a bar of fondant and used a pencil to help create the indentation for the ball return then painted it with black gel which looks silver on the white fondant. The balls the kids decided to take a chunk of fondant and add drops of food coloring to create solid balls. Then they decided to add more colors which turned into a marbled look. It was a great surprise!

For side decorations, we used simple decorating circles and drew 3 dots on them with food coloring pens. The little girl was inspired by another cake online of an old man shown face down on the lanes with the ball flying out of his hands! We painted the girl clothes the same color as the clothes our daughter was wearing for her party. The candles were candles from a bake shop. They are also available online.

Once the fondant pieces were done, we buttercream frosted the cake and put the fondant pieces on the fresh frosting so they would stick better.

Ton of fun! Turned out great.

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