Coolest Bowling Pin Cake

I needed to make a cake to feed 60 for a high school bowling team, so I thought I’d give an upstanding bowling pin cake a try! This Bowling Pin Cake was approximately 30″ tall, 6 layers of cake, with a rice krispie sculpted top. Structure was very important, so a 3/4″ dowel stick was attached to a 1/2″ plyboard sheet.

The cake layers were supported by double cardboard and hot-glued 1/4″ dowels to support the weight. Buttercream covered all, with intention of fondant covering, but fondant too heavy for the rice krispies (or the rice krispies I made were too soft to support), so had to remove and just use buttercream.

Very disappointed the cake was not smooth, but having never made a tall cake like this, was happy it was standing!