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Coolest Brain Cake for a Halloween Birthday

This brain cake was made for a teen’s Halloween birthday, zombie themed party.

I used red velvet cake with raspberry jam filling, covered it in marshmallow fondant brain tissue and painted on raspberry jam for fresh look.

Brain Cake Instructions

  • First I baked two 8″ round red velvet layers.
  • I let them cool and then wrapped them well and froze them for easier carving.
  • The next day I carved a basic brain shape and then filled it with 1/2 and 1/2 raspberry jam mixed with buttercream frosting
  • Next, I frosted it with a thin layer of buttercream to keep crumbs intact and let it chill until crusted while I made marshmallow fondant by melting mini marshmallows and adding powdered sugar until reaching a play dough consistency.
  • I added a second layer of buttercream (the glue layer), rolled the fondant into ropes, and pieced together the hemispheres like a puzzle, making sure to leave space in the center between them to make it more realistic.
  • Last, I mixed raspberry jam with water and painted it on with pastry brush to give the brain a fresh out of the head look.

This cake was a big hit, although a few people were kind of grossed out at first, but after tasting it they were pleased. The birthday boy was shocked at how realistic it looked.