Coolest Bride of Frankinstien Cake

This Bride of Frankinstien cake was for a little girl’s 3rd Birthday/Halloween Party. This was one of my first cakes like this. But after I was done with it I was really pleased with it. Everybody at the party could not stop talking about how good it looked.

I used loaf pans and baked 4 cakes. Stack two and two and then put them together. The frosting I made myself. My son has a toy tool bench so for the bolts on the side of her neck I used two of the new bolts out of the tool bench that he has. It made the cake look more real.

The first picture that I saw of this cake the hair is black and white striped, but in real life the bride’s hair was only white up each side. For the checks you can use candy pieces or just use frosting, your choice.