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Coolest Brobee 3rd Birthday Cake

My grandson loves Yo Gabba Gabba and to me Brobee looked like the easiest character to create. Using 2 yellow cake mixes, I baked a round cake for his head, a 13×9 for his body and a 8×8 square for his arms. After the cakes cooled I cut a semi circle out of the 13×9 for the round cake to fit down in. Then cut thin pieces out of the square cake for his arms angling them to fit for shoulders.

I had to piece them together to make them the length I wanted. Then I cut away a little of the cake for his legs. I frosted the whole cake with Kelly green. I piped this hair with leaf green using a grass tip. I made his mouth with orange frosting I patted down with corn starch to make it smooth. Filled in his eyes with white and piped around his eyes, and mouth and his eye brow with black.

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  1. I put the cake on cardboard cake board I got from Michaels. Also I forgot to mention I used Styrofoam cones I cut to size and frosted with orange for his horns.


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