Coolest Brobee Cake

I made a Yo Gabba Gabba homemade Brobee cake for my son’s 1st birthday. I used an 11×15 pan and two basic cake mixes. I put it in the fridge over night so it was really easy to work with the next day.

I carved the head and then the legs out. I also baked another cake in a 9×9 pan and carved the arms out of it. Then I made buttercream icing, tinted it and decorated! I found it was easier to do the face after I marked it out with a toothpick first. Just drag the toothpick through the icing and then go over it with the color frosting of your choice.

I also used Wilton ready to use in Kelly Green for the dark stripes. It worked out great. It was hard to find something to put it on so I ended up covering two cookie sheets with tin foil and overlapping them to hold the cake. I used the extra batter from the 9×9 cake to make cupcakes to go with it and iced them different colors for the characters. I also used 3 of the cupcakes and cut them into triangles for his “horns”.