Coolest Bubble Guppies Cake

Making the Bubble Guppies characters:  I Googled pictures of each character, then with parchment paper on top of the character I traced it.  Then I cut out my drawing, piece by piece ( hair, etc) . I then placed it on top of the color fondant I needed and cut around my parchment paper.  I sometimes will take my parchment paper and re-trace onto cardboard.

I layered the clothing.  I made the seaweed and the Bubble Guppies about 3 days ahead of time with a combination of fondant and gum paste.  I cut strips of green gum paste fondant and twirled it around pencils, and let dry for about a day.  Each character got a stick up the back secured with fondant/gum paste so they could stand in the cake.  I made the seashells from a Wilton mold I had.  The sea plants were made with fondant/gum paste and inserted with a piece of toothpick so I could stand it up with-out it falling.

This cake was very time consuming!  But so worth the reaction of the sweet little girl! She loved it!! After it was all said and done, I had to go to the chiropractor to get my neck adjusted!  LOL


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