Coolest Bud Light Beer Bottle Cake

I began by cutting two of the same beer bottle shapes out of a single layer sheet cake. I then added a thin layer of icing and stacked one bottle on top of the other. At this point, I place the cake in the freezer until frozen. (It makes it easier to carve and ice.)

I then carved the shape of the bottle out of the top layer of cake with a serrated knife. I like to have a real beer bottle in front of me to assure I get the accurate shape. I iced the whole cake with brown icing. I prefer Wilton’s whipped icing for all my decorating. Then I added the bottle cap and label icing details on top of the brown. At this point, I carefully moved the cakes to a foil-lined cardboard sheet.

I followed the same process on the beer cans, except for using different colored icing and shapes.

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