Coolest Budweiser Birthday Cake

This is a Budweiser Birthday Cake I made for my brother’s birthday. This is the first cake I have ever tried to make, so it’s not my best but not my worst either. So for all you non cake makers this could be something easy enough for you to do!

I needed an idea to make a special cake for him, since he is my only brother, so I decided on his favorite beer. Of course it had to be Budweiser, one of the beers with the most difficult design to try and copy, especially on to a small cake.

This cake is just a plain white cake, baked it on a 13×9 pan. After it was done and cooled I used a knife and tried to make look like a can the best I could. (Only used about 1/3 of the cake, you can always make the cake bigger if you are serving a lot of people, but I wanted to make the cake personal for him.) Since I know I was not going to be able to copy the exact design of the can. I just used the Budweiser writing to the best of my ability, and took a few other ideas off the can. Which I think is a very good tip! My cake may not look like the best but I think my brother got the idea and he loved it!

I used regular store bought cake mix and icing , just added a little food coloring to the icing and that’s it. For the writing I had some wax paper that I made in to the shape of a funnel. There are different ways to do it but I learned how to make one from a friend who works at a bakery. It is a real handy idea, I just cut a small hole and it works perfect for writing, like the writing I did on my cake.

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  1. Looking for Budweiser cake but only small for 4 people.

    How much would it be and could you make one for me?

    If so, could you text me at 06943229266
    or email m.denham982[at]btinternet[dot]com

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