Cool Homemade Budweiser Birthday Cake

My grandpa turned 80 years old, and I was asked to do his cake. I knew he loves Budweiser, he has for my entire life, so this Budweiser Birthday Cake is what I chose to make his cake look like.

I baked a sheet cake, and iced it with red butter cream frosting. I got waxed paper and placed it over a box of Budweiser that my grandpa had in his house and traced all of the writing using a black sharpie marker. Once that was done I flipped the waxed paper over (so the images were backwards), and I began tracing over them with frosting and the finest tip I could find. Once that was done, I flipped the images over onto the cake and slightly pressed down, then slowly lifted the waxed paper off the cake. The images transferred enough for me to be able to re pipe on the cake.

It was VERY time consuming, but the cake was a big hit! Everyone loved it, especially my grandpa!