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Cool Homemade Buffalo Sabres Cake

My husband and I are huge Buffalo Sabres hockey fans. For his birthday this year, I made him a homemade Buffalo Sabres cake. The cake is a milk chocolate cake with strawberry filling. The cake is frosted with buttercream icing.

To make the logo, I traced the logo onto paper, then cut out the individual pieces. I then rolled out fondant and placed the pieces on and cut them out with a knife. I arranged the pieces to look like the logo.

Since the whole cake was already covered in blue icing, I dyed icing a golden yellow color, I then put it in a decorating bag with a flat tip and covered the sides, which I then smoothed out. I didn’t want to apply the yellow icing directly with the spatula, because I didn’t want it to appear green.

Unfortunately, a few days after his birthday, the Sabres were eliminated from the playoffs. But it’s OK, we’ll keep rooting for them year after year!

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  1. Nice job!! I just made a sabres puck cake for my husband and his boss yesterday, haven’t posted the pics yet. I know the buffalo is hard to get just right. We root every year too!!!


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